3 years old

This year it’s been filled with adventures, experiences and learnings.

I am already three years old and going to the daycare 4 mornings a week and soon will be starting to pre-school.

Since the last time I got the tubes in my ears I am hearing everything, therefore my speaking skills have improved a lot ever since. It was a big change for me and my family. Now I can talk more and understand everything. I use to visit the speech therapist to improve the pronunciation  of the words and to check how many words sentences I can build in my speech. It’s going very good so far.

I am socially very open, I like to talk with people and play with other kids. I am not afraid of anything and I dare to do things easily. Swimming is one of my favorite things to do. Same biking. My mom introduced me to the bike with extra wheels one month ago and I got to like it so much that every opportunity I got to bike and take  it. My mom thinks  I will be biking without the extra wheels soon. I think she’s right.

22 months

After the last time I posted something here many thing have happened.

I have almost all my teeth, the last two are almost all out, so I can eat everything. I mean everything, I love eating. Meat and chicken are my favorite food, then rice and bread, and all the other foods I enjoy them as well.

The last month I got a pair of ventilation tubes in my ears, cause since I was born I had liquid in both of them so they audiologist had me under examination for almost two years and finally I got the final decision and it was the ventilation tubes which was a successful surgery. The procedure took just 10 minutes and another five to get me out of the anesthesia.  When I woke up it was like I just took a power nap or something, because I felt like nothing happened, the only thing  was, that I could hear better and louder.

My parents felt so relieved because I could hear them better and my speaking would improve through the time. The pediatrician has told my parents that I am a little behind in this matter, but hopefully this will change soon when I start learning words over again.
I can already say several words, like, auto, mama, papa, jugo (juice in spanish), gracias (thank you), dooie, dag ( bye in dutch), so I am taking my time to learn. And you know, having three languages at home is not an easy thing to deal with. I’m doing my best.

On the other hand, I have a lot of interest on music, I love dancing and moving around, climbing in my favorite thing to do and coloring all surfaces, but if mommy ask me I can draw nice lines on white paper.

I am a very sweet girl, but you know, I got my temper too, so don’t try to mess up with me, I would get angry in a blink of a eye. Sometimes I don’t even need a motive to throw my tantras up.

Like I said I am a sweet girl, I love cuddling and giving kisses to people I love. I take my time to get to know the person and after that I will be just love to them.

14 months

Lately I feel like I am almost walking. I can easily move everywhere now, I walk 6 steps maximum, but not more yet.

I have 8 teeth already, I eat very much, my mom loves that.

This is what I eat a day:

Breakfast: Slide of integral bread with cream cheese, one scrambled egg and a bottle of milk.

Mid- morning snack: Fruit with juice ( if I’m not home but at kindergarten I eat fruits as well)

Lunch:A plate of cooked vegetables with potatoes or pasta and some fish or chicken.

Mid-afternoon snack: A bottle of juice with a fruit and a cookie.

Dinner: Sometimes I eat the same than breakfast or lunch

Before bed: A bottle of milk.

I drink juice during the day as I get thirsty.

I am already saying some words, like, “jugo” (juice in Spanish). And I try repating some other words that I hear from my parents. I like saying “ja” (yes in dutch), it sound like <eá>, similar like yeah in english. I combine dutch – spanish.

Last week I got an infection in my mouth, you know, kids get those things all the time in the kindergarten. The infection was bad, it smelled disgusting and I could not even close my mouth, it hurt a lot. My mom was very worried from the beginning so she did not wait long to bring me to the doctor. He send me some antibiotics and I got better with in a week.
Because of this disease I got, I could no longer use my pacifier, (because it hurt my lips so bad), so my mom sneakily stopped with it and never gave it back to me. I did not miss it one second.

It’s been over a week and seems like I totally forgot about that silicon nipple.

1st birthday party

Oh yeah, finally it’s my first birthday, I was looking so forward to celebrate this day.

My abuelita ( grandma), from Colombia is coming too. I am going to meet her for the very first time and I am super happy!

I have stopped the formula milk and now I am drinking cow milk, which is so good and tasty.

I am drinking a bottle of milk of 150 – 180ml, every morning and every night before going to bed.

I am eating well, my appetite is incredible, I would eat a whole cow if they let me, haha.

My birthday party was awesome, many friends and family came, a lot of presents, two delicious cakes and balloons. It was just perfect for me. It was themed as Minnie Mouse, my mom made herself several things for the party, and a big and amazing Pinata as well.

The days after my birthday party I could spend a lot of time with my abuelita, she stayed with us for 3 weeks, which is not much, but at least I could be with her.

10 months

Time flies and I grow so fast!

This morning I went to the pediatrician with mama and papa. I got new vaccines, but I did not cry much.

Weight: 10 kg

Length: 72 cms

Head: 44, 4 cm

I am within the average measures.

My feeding is good, actually I love eating. Last months I have been eating brown/integral bread, scrambled eggs, pasta, broccoli, carrots, potatoes, salmon, chicken, aubergine, zucchini, fruits, cracker and cookies, however, I eat everything what I get on my plate.

I sleep the whole night in a row, but around 5am I starting to lose my pacifier, so I make sound until dad come to pick it up and gibe it to me, then I fall asleep again until 7am that everybody in our house are awake. Sometimes earlier. Things can change.

I am a happy baby, I love being held and playing around with mom and dad. Emily pays also with me, I have so much fun with her and I love it!

First tooth

Today 10th december, I found out that I am getting a new tooth, and it seems that there is another one coming down as well.

This has caused me much discomfort, although I am always smiling and wait for when I get all the teeth, then I will smile even more.

My mom got super excited about me teething, she tried so hard to make a good picture, but she could not. I can not stop moving.

Anyways, I let some pics. here for you to see…

7 months

This month I am prettier than never, hehe.

I am going to make it shorter….

After we came back from Spain, I was for two weeks more annoyed about the changes for the trip, but after I recovered everything went back to normal. I started sleeping all the night and cried less during the day.

Then, I got an appointment with the pediatrician and told me that everything was fine with my development, my measures are average within the normal and she suggested us to start with more and different foods and less bottles. I liked the idea of eating more things, but not really happy about having less bottles.

Now I am eating more. In the morning I drink my bottle of milk with cereal, for mid-morning snack, I get a fruit with a cookie or cracker, or sometimes a little of cereal. For lunch I drink a delicious bottle of formula milk, for mid-afternoon/ dinner I have a plate of puree of vegetables with cooked fish/chicken. Before going to bed I drink another formula milk bottle. Good diet huh!

On the other hand, I got my first earrings yesterday, and I was so brave that I don’t cry at all.

6 months

A bit before I became 6 months old I went to Spain with my parents and oma and opa. It was a great trip, but the milk I got there and the temperature did not suit me good. It took me several days to come back to normal. But besides that, I went to different places and could enjoyed my summer clothes again.

5 months

I had several day without writing something, I’ve been busy  growing up and being beautiful.

I am 5 months old today. Last time I weight myself I was 7 kilos, that means I am doing well.

I sleep all night long and I started with the food. My mom makes me puree of carrot, broccoli, apple, pear and banana, but what I like the most is banana and then pear.

I still drink 5 bottles per day, even so my mom gives me sometimes just 4, but when this happens my mom regrets it, because I wake up at 5am asking for food.

My bigger sis plays a lot with me, she loves kissing me and giving me the bottle of milk.

I like smiling and I can listen good when I hear my name SAMANTHA.

I have been almost a month babbling, I try new sounds with my mouth.

I am a happy girl!

My mom thinks my eyes will be green color, even that my eyes are turning brown around the pupil, so it’s hard to say now what color they are going to be. My dad has similar color as me. Maybe I am getting his color of eyes.

9 weeks

This last week I had laughed a lot. I like people talking and smiling at me.

I speak a bit in my language to my parents, they really like when I do that.

I am also learning to sleep the whole night, from 11pm time of my last bottle to 6 or 7 am next day.  I love I can sleep during the whole night, I can rest.

This week it’s been very warm, so I have been very annoyed because I don’t know how to handle such a temperatures that I have had to cry. I hope the heat goes down to a point that is warm and fresh.

My sister Emily love talking to me and give me kisses. I like that, I can see she loves me a lot.