10 months

Time flies and I grow so fast!

This morning I went to the pediatrician with mama and papa. I got new vaccines, but I did not cry much.

Weight: 10 kg

Length: 72 cms

Head: 44, 4 cm

I am within the average measures.

My feeding is good, actually I love eating. Last months I have been eating brown/integral bread, scrambled eggs, pasta, broccoli, carrots, potatoes, salmon, chicken, aubergine, zucchini, fruits, cracker and cookies, however, I eat everything what I get on my plate.

I sleep the whole night in a row, but around 5am I starting to lose my pacifier, so I make sound until dad come to pick it up and gibe it to me, then I fall asleep again until 7am that everybody in our house are awake. Sometimes earlier. Things can change.

I am a happy baby, I love being held and playing around with mom and dad. Emily pays also with me, I have so much fun with her and I love it!

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