14 months

Lately I feel like I am almost walking. I can easily move everywhere now, I walk 6 steps maximum, but not more yet.

I have 8 teeth already, I eat very much, my mom loves that.

This is what I eat a day:

Breakfast: Slide of integral bread with cream cheese, one scrambled egg and a bottle of milk.

Mid- morning snack: Fruit with juice ( if I’m not home but at kindergarten I eat fruits as well)

Lunch:A plate of cooked vegetables with potatoes or pasta and some fish or chicken.

Mid-afternoon snack: A bottle of juice with a fruit and a cookie.

Dinner: Sometimes I eat the same than breakfast or lunch

Before bed: A bottle of milk.

I drink juice during the day as I get thirsty.

I am already saying some words, like, “jugo” (juice in Spanish). And I try repating some other words that I hear from my parents. I like saying “ja” (yes in dutch), it sound like <eá>, similar like yeah in english. I combine dutch – spanish.

Last week I got an infection in my mouth, you know, kids get those things all the time in the kindergarten. The infection was bad, it smelled disgusting and I could not even close my mouth, it hurt a lot. My mom was very worried from the beginning so she did not wait long to bring me to the doctor. He send me some antibiotics and I got better with in a week.
Because of this disease I got, I could no longer use my pacifier, (because it hurt my lips so bad), so my mom sneakily stopped with it and never gave it back to me. I did not miss it one second.

It’s been over a week and seems like I totally forgot about that silicon nipple.

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