1st birthday party

Oh yeah, finally it’s my first birthday, I was looking so forward to celebrate this day.

My abuelita ( grandma), from Colombia is coming too. I am going to meet her for the very first time and I am super happy!

I have stopped the formula milk and now I am drinking cow milk, which is so good and tasty.

I am drinking a bottle of milk of 150 – 180ml, every morning and every night before going to bed.

I am eating well, my appetite is incredible, I would eat a whole cow if they let me, haha.

My birthday party was awesome, many friends and family came, a lot of presents, two delicious cakes and balloons. It was just perfect for me. It was themed as Minnie Mouse, my mom made herself several things for the party, and a big and amazing Pinata as well.

The days after my birthday party I could spend a lot of time with my abuelita, she stayed with us for 3 weeks, which is not much, but at least I could be with her.

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