22 months

After the last time I posted something here many thing have happened.

I have almost all my teeth, the last two are almost all out, so I can eat everything. I mean everything, I love eating. Meat and chicken are my favorite food, then rice and bread, and all the other foods I enjoy them as well.

The last month I got a pair of ventilation tubes in my ears, cause since I was born I had liquid in both of them so they audiologist had me under examination for almost two years and finally I got the final decision and it was the ventilation tubes which was a successful surgery. The procedure took just 10 minutes and another five to get me out of the anesthesia.  When I woke up it was like I just took a power nap or something, because I felt like nothing happened, the only thing  was, that I could hear better and louder.

My parents felt so relieved because I could hear them better and my speaking would improve through the time. The pediatrician has told my parents that I am a little behind in this matter, but hopefully this will change soon when I start learning words over again.
I can already say several words, like, auto, mama, papa, jugo (juice in spanish), gracias (thank you), dooie, dag ( bye in dutch), so I am taking my time to learn. And you know, having three languages at home is not an easy thing to deal with. I’m doing my best.

On the other hand, I have a lot of interest on music, I love dancing and moving around, climbing in my favorite thing to do and coloring all surfaces, but if mommy ask me I can draw nice lines on white paper.

I am a very sweet girl, but you know, I got my temper too, so don’t try to mess up with me, I would get angry in a blink of a eye. Sometimes I don’t even need a motive to throw my tantras up.

Like I said I am a sweet girl, I love cuddling and giving kisses to people I love. I take my time to get to know the person and after that I will be just love to them.

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