3 years old

This year it’s been filled with adventures, experiences and learnings.

I am already three years old and going to the daycare 4 mornings a week and soon will be starting to pre-school.

Since the last time I got the tubes in my ears I am hearing everything, therefore my speaking skills have improved a lot ever since. It was a big change for me and my family. Now I can talk more and understand everything. I use to visit the speech therapist to improve the pronunciation  of the words and to check how many words sentences I can build in my speech. It’s going very good so far.

I am socially very open, I like to talk with people and play with other kids. I am not afraid of anything and I dare to do things easily. Swimming is one of my favorite things to do. Same biking. My mom introduced me to the bike with extra wheels one month ago and I got to like it so much that every opportunity I got to bike and take  it. My mom thinks  I will be biking without the extra wheels soon. I think she’s right.

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