5 months

I had several day without writing something, I’ve been busy ¬†growing up and being beautiful.

I am 5 months old today. Last time I weight myself I was 7 kilos, that means I am doing well.

I sleep all night long and I started with the food. My mom makes me puree of carrot, broccoli, apple, pear and banana, but what I like the most is banana and then pear.

I still drink 5 bottles per day, even so my mom gives me sometimes just 4, but when this happens my mom regrets it, because I wake up at 5am asking for food.

My bigger sis plays a lot with me, she loves kissing me and giving me the bottle of milk.

I like smiling and I can listen good when I hear my name SAMANTHA.

I have been almost a month babbling, I try new sounds with my mouth.

I am a happy girl!

My mom thinks my eyes will be green color, even that my eyes are¬†turning brown around the pupil, so it’s hard to say now what color they are going to be. My dad has similar color as me. Maybe I am getting his color of eyes.

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