5th june

I am already 43 days old. I am very healthy, but I got a bad result in my ears exam of the first week after being born, so I had to get a new one two weeks after it, but this was not good either. It looks like my right is fine, but the left one is not. That’s why we have an appointment in the Child Hospital in Rotterdam the next 9th june to see what is happening my my ear. We are thinking that might be a error otherwise we would start a treatment or something.

On the other hand, I am a good girl, I don’t cry much, unless I’m hungry. I sleep almost the whole night. The last bottle I get is at 10-11pm and this is until the next bottle around 5 am, so during that time my parents can rest as well.

My mom is surprised because she lost 8 kilos the first 2 weeks after I was born, and since she is not breastfeeding me she is happy she could lose some weight easily. Oh wait, she says she got one kilo more again!! Now she is 63kg.

I am a happy baby, I love being held and cuddles.

I started to smile to my mom when she talks to me. Dad also make weird faces that I have to laugh.

I am drinking 150ml of Formula milk with a thickening powder (Johannesbroodpitmeel), that prevents me from throwing up the milk.

Last week we went to the pediatrician and she said that I gained one kilo in my first month which is good and means that I am growing up. Everything in that appointment was positive.

Today we went to the beach, just the three of us, because Emily was with opa and oma (granma and grand pa), because she was feeling sick the last days. It was very warm at the beach so we didnot stay long because mom and dad were worried it was not good for me. But I have to say that I like it even if i did not show it to them.

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