7 months

This month I am prettier than never, hehe.

I am going to makeĀ it shorter….

After we came back from Spain, I was for two weeks more annoyed about the changes for the trip, but after I recovered everything went back to normal. I started sleeping all the night and cried less during the day.

Then, I got an appointment with the pediatrician and told me that everything was fine with my development, my measures are average within the normal and she suggested us to start with more and different foods and less bottles. I liked the idea of eating more things, but not really happy about having less bottles.

Now I am eating more. In the morning I drink my bottle of milk with cereal, for mid-morning snack, I get a fruit with a cookie or cracker, or sometimes a little of cereal. For lunch I drink a delicious bottle of formula milk, for mid-afternoon/ dinner I have a plate of puree of vegetables with cooked fish/chicken. Before going to bed I drink another formula milk bottle. Good diet huh!

On the other hand, I got my first earrings yesterday, and I was so brave that I don’t cry at all.

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