8 weeks

This week I become two months old. I feel so happy and beloved for my family.

Like I said in the last post I am smiling already and my mom melts every time I do.

The pediatrician said that I am growing up well, my weight is 4995kg, and length 57,7 cms. That means I am eating good enough.

I also want to tell you that I went to the Hospital in Rotterdam for the appointment with the audiologist and the results were positive.  However We must wait for the next check in my ninth month.

The doctors said that I hear good, but a bit lower than normal, this is due some water there is in my ear, but this will go out at the time. But we’ll see that next time in the appointment.

I just hope everything go well from now to that time.

My parents and I are not worried about, because we know everything will be fine, we are very positive people.


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