The day I was born

I was born  the 23rd of April of 2015, in the Hospital Michiel de Ruyter, in Goes, The Netherlands. At 3:02pm I finally came to this beautiful world, excited to see some many things around me and how nice were they.

My weight was: 3185kg

My length was: 49 cms

I was born very healthy so I could go home one hour after my mom delivered me.

When we came home we went to rest right away. My mom was very tired after all and so was I.

The kraamzorg woman came together with us and helped my mom a bit with everything related with me and the house. She came to help everyday for the next  week.

My mom was very enthusiastic about introducing me to my sister Emily, she wanted to handle it the best way possible. You know it can be a bit sensitive with the kids when a new born come to the house, but my mom was positive about.

My sister Emily was sleeping with my grand parents that night so the next day when she came home to see me it was epic. Her face was very confused she did not understand what was happening even if she knew already about me, but I think she could not believe it yet.

Later on that week she got more comfortable about the new baby at home.

On the other hand, my mom tried to breastfeed me, but sadly she could not, the milk did not come out. She was very sad about it. But for me it was fine, I found the Nutrilon (Formula milk), very tasty and it filled me so good that I could sleep longer at night.

My mom thinks I got her feet, hands and ears and my abuelita (grandma),  from Colombia thinks I look the same than my mom when she was born.

I am a bit hairy, not my head, but my arms and around the shoulders. I am also a bit thinner than Emily.

After the 5th day after being born I started sleeping longer, that makes mom and dad happy, because the could rest more. It’s kind of busy I can see!

From the 30th of april to 1 may I have been more awake during the day.

I cry a lot when Mom is bathing me, but her hugs comforts well.

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